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Can Too Much Screen Time Affect Your Eyesight?

Let’s face it. We all spend way too much of our days staring at screens.

A recent study by OnePoll found that adults spend 42% of their waking hours looking at laptops, phones, tablets, and television. Almost 80% say that they’ve increased their screen time over the past four years, and 33% say they check social media more than they did five years ago.

All that time staring at screens puts over 70 million workers globally at risk for computer vision syndrome. That’s why our team at Vision Corner located in Houston, Texas, wants to show you how to protect your eyes with blue light protection glasses.

Dr. Sophia Barnes, a board-certified optometrist with over 30 years of experience, wants you to understand how too much screen time affects your eye health and what you can do to minimize eye damage. One of the best solutions is blue light blocking glasses.

Computer vision syndrome explained

Computer vision syndrome is a catchall term for the eye problems you can experience when you stare at a computer or other screens for extended periods. Symptoms of computer vision syndrome include:

When you work on a computer, your eyes must constantly focus and refocus on shifting images. These repetitive motions can strain your eye muscles.

If you already have vision problems, your risk for computer vision syndrome increases. And if you don’t wear the glasses you’ve been prescribed, or if your prescription is outdated, your chances of getting computer vision syndrome are higher still.

Risk factors for developing computer vision syndrome

Of course, many hours in front of a screen increases your risk of computer vision syndrome. Other risk factors include:

If you are experiencing any issues with your vision, schedule an appointment at Vision Corner right away. 

How to protect your eyes and sight from computer vision syndrome

Proper posture while working at the computer is essential. Every time you sit down to work, adjust your chair height so your feet relax comfortably on the floor. Don’t slump over the computer screen.

Be sure to rest your eyes for about 15 minutes every two hours of screen time. Make sure your computer screen is 20-28 inches away from your eyes and about four to five inches beneath your eye level. Blink often, minimize glare, and enlarge fonts to reduce eye strain.

To increase focus, look at least 20 feet away from your computer every 20 minutes for about 20 seconds.  

What is Premium TechShield Blue?

Premium TechShield Blue is a revolutionary anti-reflective (AR) coating for blue light filtering lenses, which limit your exposure to the blue light emitted from screens, the sun, and other forms of energy-efficient lighting. TechShield Blue light glasses specifically: 

Dr. Sophia Barnes, who has been an expert on blue light for over 10 years, wants to help you keep your eyes healthy and avoid computer vision syndrome. To make an appointment, call 713-623-2000, or send an online message.

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