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Treat Your Prescription Glasses as a Fashion Accessory

When you get dressed for the day, you take a lot into consideration: what type of activity you’ll be doing, what the weather’s like, and who you’ll encounter, to name a few. If you only have one pair of eyeglasses, you could throw off your whole outfit or look.

At Vision Corner in Houston, Texas, Dr. Sophia Barnes and our team of eyeglass experts understand that fashion is important, and that every detail counts, including your glasses. That’s why we offer a huge selection of brands and styles to meet every possible fashion need and whim. Here are some tips for choosing the right eyeglasses — including prescription sunglasses.

Get out of the one-frame rut

For many of our patients, the first step in choosing frames that complement their sense of fashion is to realize that they may need more than one pair of glasses to suit all the different aspects of their lives. According to The Vision Council, about 164 million people wear prescription eyeglasses, and only about 37% of them use more than one pair. 

We think that percentage should be higher. For starters, it’s always a good idea to have a backup pair in case your primary pair gets lost or damaged. Beyond that, there are many reasons to have multiple pairs of glasses, with fashion being one of the most enjoyable.

You may want one pair for work that’s more conservative and business-like, another pair for going out to dinner and dancing, and another pair that goes with your weekend wear. We also offer a wide array of stylish, name-brand sunglasses that protect your eyes, correct your vision, and look good while doing it.

Choose the right shape and shade

You know that every outfit you wear has a distinct cut, texture, fit, and color, and these elements all work together to make a statement. Your glasses should do the same

We often recommend going with the rule of opposites when choosing frames because contrasts are pleasing to the eye. For instance, if you have a round face, square rims can look stunning. 

However, when it comes to size, opposites aren’t as desirable. If you have a large, wide face, it’s better to choose oversized frames than small, narrower spectacles. 

When it comes to color, the sky’s the limit. Our frames come in all shades, so you can choose bright red to stand out, wireless rims to blend in, and anything in between. Why not have a few options on hand so your frames never clash with your clothes?

Match your lifestyle

Fashion is about more than what you wear; it’s also about what you do. When you’re choosing frames, consider your style — is it sporty, fancy, serious, or whimsical? Your glasses can complement your activities and your life.

You may need flexible frames that won’t break when your toddler grabs them. Or maybe you need nylon frames that provide a sturdy base for thicker lenses. 

Get a second opinion

When you come into our Vision Corner office to pick your frames, our staff can help you narrow down your choices if you wish.

Sometimes, it’s good to hear the opinions of people who don’t see you every day. Your family members and co-workers are used to seeing you in one type of frame, so anything new may look “wrong” at first glance when it’s simply different. It’s OK to mix it up and have fun with your look. Introduce them to a whole new, exciting you.

How to get your new fashionable frames

When you’re ready to get started, you can come to our office and try on hundreds of frames, or you can browse our online shop to peruse thousands more. 

If you’re due for an eye exam, schedule an appointment to make sure your prescription is up to date before you buy your fashionable new frames. Give us a call, or use our online scheduler. Vision Corner is a local, independent optometrist with a huge selection of a frames that rivals the trendy online stores — come on in to check us out.

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