Adjusting to Life With Contacts

Nov 10, 2022
Adjusting to Life With Contacts
Adjusting to life with contacts isn’t just about learning to put them in and take them out. It’s also about understanding how they change your daily routine and proper procedures you need to follow — no matter what.

Getting contacts for the first time is a major change. Whether you’ve just started needing corrective lenses or you’ve finally decided to make the switch from glasses to contacts, it definitely requires an adjustment period. 

Fortunately, you can get all kinds of tips for living with contacts when you visit our independent practice, Vision Corner in Houston, Texas. Our provider, Dr. Sophia Barnes, is always excited to help patients learn how to transition into life with contacts.

Why choose contacts

If you’re still on the fence, it’s important to consider the many benefits of wearing contact lenses. Of course, the choice often comes down to personal preference, but here are the main highlights of choosing contacts over eye glasses.

For one, contacts fit to your eyes themselves, so you don’t have problems with peripheral vision. You also don’t have to worry about them when participating in activities like sports, as they stay exactly where they’re supposed to and don’t have the risk of breaking. 

Also, you can wear regular sunglasses with your contacts, which means you can forgo a pair of prescription glasses with UV blocking lenses. Another benefit is that contacts don’t fog like glasses do in changing weather or when you’re wearing a face mask. 

Finally, wearing contacts can be a boost to your self-esteem. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that many people feel better about their appearance when wearing contacts over glasses. 

Making the adjustment to living with contacts

You learn how to clean, take out, and put in your contact lenses when you purchase them. But it’s important to realize that the change requires some additional know-how as well.

Relax, relax, relax

Putting in your lenses and taking them out takes practice. The key is to relax. If you’re having trouble, step away and take a few deep breaths. Then, try again. 

Always wash your hands

You should always wash your hands when you’re about to handle your contacts. If you don’t, you could increase the likelihood of getting an eye infection

Don’t switch up cleaning products

If Dr. Barnes recommends a certain kind of cleaning solution, use it. Don’t buy something else because it’s cheaper. Certain kinds of contacts need certain solutions, and so do certain cases. As such, switching it up could potentially harm your eyes. 

If it doesn’t feel good, take it out

Yes, your eye may need a minute to adjust to your contact lenses first thing in the morning. But if they continue to feel scratchy or things still look blurry after a minute or two, take them out. They could be backward or torn, which could be harmful to your eye.

Only wear your lenses as long as you’re supposed to

Different lens types are made for different wear schedules. Some are only meant to be worn once and then thrown away, while others may last for a week or a month. Whatever our team tells you about your new lenses, make sure to stick to it. 

Don’t chuck your glasses

If you have glasses, don’t get rid of them. They can come in handy at night when you want to read, in the morning when you haven’t had a chance to get your contacts in yet, or during the day in case you lose or have trouble with one of your lenses. Having glasses as a backup is highly recommended.

It’s true — you shouldn’t sleep with your contacts in

What it says on the label: Wearing contacts to bed can increase your chances of contracting an eye infection. Simply put, don’t do it.  

Above all, listen to your provider

The most important thing is to discuss your choice to switch to contacts with Dr. Barnes. Tell her everything you need in terms of why you’re choosing contacts and what your current lifestyle is like. Then, make sure you take her recommendations and care for your contacts properly. 

Choosing contacts at Vision Corner

At Vision Corner, we’re happy to help you learn to put in, wear, remove, and clean your contacts with ease. We also love to provide helpful tips like those above to make your adjustment period smoother. 

To make an appointment, just call our office or use our online booking tool today. We’re eager to help you love your new contacts.